Cave topography yesterday, today and tomorrow

The development of techniques in surveying, describing and visualizing underground cavities undoubtedly has advantages (e.g., accuracy of measurements) but also has problems such as a lack of standards. Evidently the needs have changed (for example 3D animations) so we have to think about how to merge data from decades ago recorded by analogue methods with new digital data.The workshop will analyse past and present techniques and how we can manipulate them for future standards of cave topography.
We intend to have three to four presentations of about 30 minutes, each to be followed by discussions of equivalent lengths.
The following questions are proposed:

  1. What is cave topography good for? (yesterday, today and tomorrow)
  2. What are the techniques of cave topography? (yesterday, today and tomorrow)
  3. What minimum standard needs to be developed for the coming decades?

The workshop can only be offered if we have speakers. Questions and topics are only tentative and can be expanded or changed. There is also the possibility to extend the event from half a day to a full day if required.

Course Lead: Pierre-Yves Jeannin
Duration: Friday afternoon, 1330
Attendance: at least 3 Persons
Course Fee: small fee for expenses

ATTENTION: This course is preceded in the morning by a topography course. Both workshops have to be booked separately, the visit of both parts is possible.