Insight into the cave documentation

Many people use maps as a useful guide in the field. But how to draw easy to read cave maps that enable us to find your way around safely?
The workshop “Insights into Cave Documentation” provides an approach to the basics of creating a cave map. It consists of a theoretical part on surveying and map signatures, complemented by a drawing exercise in the field. We will survey a cave passage with DistoX and Pocket Topo as accurate as possible in small groups and draw plane and side views. Problems with calibration and the use of modern measuring instruments can be discussed and more specific map contents presented.
No prior knowledge is required. Interest in surveying and some spatial perception and good visual thinking are beneficial.

Course Lead: Andy Dickert, Yvo Weidmann, Stephan Billeter, Beat Heeb
Duration: Friday morning till afternoon
Attendance: max. 9 Persons
Course Fee: small fee for expenses

ATTENTION: This course is succeeded in the afternoon by the forum about the future of cave topography. Both workshops have to be booked separately, the visit of both parts is possible.

This workshop is already fully booked!