Felstemperaturen im Hölloch-Silberen-Gebiet

Ulrich Joering

This study examined a systematic approach of temperature measurements of the karstified mountain range of Hölloch-Silberen, which covers an area of approx. 4 x 10 km. The measurements show, that rock temperatures near the entrance of caves are generally a few degree °C cooler than the annual average air temperature. It is interpreted, that the cold melt water flux in spring and cool air circulation decreases large areas of caves and their surrounding rock mass. Negative temperature gradients with increasing depth were observed in the Hölloch cave due to the combination of several water flowpath from catchments at different altitudes. The comparison of daily air temperatures at different altitudes with the cave temperatures (of rock and air) allowed some tentative conclusions about the driving forces of diurnal air flow in a large cave system.