Karst und Höhlen der Randkette im Entlebuch

Martin Trüssel

Contrary to the Schratteflue with their widely visible karrenfields, the karst of the Helvetic boarder chain lies hidden and is extending from the Schratteflue further northeast across Schafmatt, Schimberig to Pilatus. In this area, the extended outcrops of the «Lower Schrattenkalk» are only visible in the northward slope of the rock walls. Since 2015, the area is systematically explored and documented and the results of its exploration between the 1960‘s and 1980‘s is reviewed. Edisloch is the largest cave in this region and was already known in this early exploration period. The latest discoveries of new cave passages extend the length of Edisloch to 1.8 km. The cave is part of a fossil karst water level which lies between 1550 and 1700 m above sea level. Uranium-Thorium dating indicates that some flowstones in this cave are older than 600,000 years. Of particular significance are numerous animal bone findings. Especially striking is the large number of Alpine Ibex bones found in this area.