Langzeit-Temperaturmessungen in der Schrattenhöhle

Martin Trüssel

Since 1990 cave air temperature has been monitored in the Schrattenhöhle, which has a total length of 20 km and an altitude difference of 570 m. In this sub-alpine to alpine cave, situated in central Switzerland on the northern rim of the Alps, four instruments, placed at 150 m elevation intervals, log the cave air temperature at 1 hour intervals. These records are compared to the outside air temperature data recorded close to the lower and upper range of the cave. The smallest sub-annual variations of 0.3°C were found in the «Windkluft». Therefore, this location is best suited to investigate the long-term cave climate, which shows an uninterrupted increase in cave temperature of 0.7°C since 1990.