Neuforschungen im Höllengebirge (OÖ) 2014-2018

Barbara Wielander

Höllengebirge west of Ebenee, Upper Austria, is a karst plateau located at the northern rim of the Northern Calcareous Alps. The dominant cave type are pits. The currently deepest one on Feuerkogel is Steinkogelschacht (191 m deep). In 2014 the Speleological Society of Ebensee startet their annual explorations on Höllengebirge which led to a rapid increase in the number of caves. During the past five years more than 20 caves on the plateau around Feuerkogel (1592 m) have been explored and surveyed, and many more caves have been discovered and are awaiting to be explored. In 2016 Hochschneideishöhle, a huge pit located in a thicket of mountain pines was discovered and explored to a depth of 120 m. This pit hosts an impressive block of ice at least 80 m thick. Radiocarbon dating suggests that the deepest layers were deposited in the 14th century AD. In 2018 another interesting cave, Historische Höhle in Edltal, was discovered, which consists of narrow, maze-like crawlways. An inscription from 1941 by the Salzburgian speleologist Walter von Czoernig-Czernhausen at the end of one of the gallerys demonstrates that he had visited the cave already, but his discovery had been forgotten.