Sagenhafte Höhlen zwischen Giswilerstock / Brienzer Rothorn

Martin Trüssel

From Giswil only the «Drachenloch» was known in the cave cadastre. Although the area, apart from the Giswilerstock, has little karst, mythology suggests that there should be more caves. As part of the Obwaldner Cave and Karst Landscape Inventory (HKI), twelve caves were discovered in 2017 and 2018, not least thanks to literature research and intensive field work. Among them are the legendary caves where traces of mining by miners and prospectors from the 18th century are present. The oldest written evidence of a cave in Obwalden dates from December 7, 1753, at a time when witches were still being executed at the stake. At that time, the «Obwaldner Landrat» condemned a local because he used a superstitious book to search for gold and silver in the «Arniloch». Also this long forgotten cave was found again. Brown bear bones and bear polish on the cave walls were also found in the «Drachenloch». A single bear tooth from the «Stäfeliloch» is an indication that brown bears lived here more than 10,000 years ago.