In Sinterlaken almost all commissions of the SGH will be present somehow and we have a whole range of dealers and material sellers who come extra partly even from abroad and set up their booths for you. But this is just the beginning – have a look at the list!

Location and opening hours

All booths are located in the premises of the Gymnasium (GYM), in the middle of the grounds. In and in front of the canteen and in the side wing next to the auditorium.
The booths are open to the public:
FR: only briefly from 16:00 to 19:00 (so that everyone can attend the opening ceremony)
SA: 09:00 – 21:00
SO: 09:00 – 17:00

Information booths

The SGH Board of Directors will operate a booth together with the Public Relations and Training Commissions,
The Speleo-Secours Switzerland welcomes you outside the building (towards SpeleOlympics),
The Scientific Spelaeology Commission has arrived,
As well as, of course, the Cave Protection Commission,
A large booth will be set up by SISKA, Michel Blant on the theme “Palaeontology: l’Histoire d’Os”,
The bat protection has, beside an excursion, also a booth,
Thomas Arbenz probably has a surprise in store at his “Meghalaya booth”,
Werner Janz knows a lot about repairs of equipment to show and tell,
Willi Grimm will not only be heard with his didgeridoo,
Jacques-André Jaquenoud shows at his booth show cave maps and the AGS-Regensdorf their research areas,
and Chrigu Bieri runs a Speleo market. Furthermore, the excursion information booth will be open sunday afternoon.

The list is hopefully not exhaustive – if you have something interesting to offer…we can also find room for last-minute last-minute people! Contact:


The names say it all:
Aventure Verticale
Belgian Library
Library of the SGH
Book booth- Victor Ferrer
Centro Italiano di Documentazione Speleologica
Comptoir des Techniques Verticales
Haste /
Speleoclub Berlin
Speleo Concepts
Speleo Projects

So you’ll find almost everything a speleologist’s heart desires in these three days. These shops support the event as sponsors and make it possible for you to have an exciting congress – thanks a lot!