Spéléo Colombia 2010-2019: 10 Jahre de spéléologie andine fribourgeoise

Roman Hapka

In 2010, on the occasion of its 40th anniversary, the Spéléo-Club des Préalpes Fribourgeoises (SCPF), launched itself to conquer the South American abysses of Colombia through the Spéléo Colombia project. Following the discoveries made in 2011 in the El Peñon karst massif, located in the state of Santander, expeditions continued at a steady pace. 10 years later, more than 70 pits and caves have been discovered, explored and mapped in the adjoining massifs of El Peñon, Bolivar, Habana Grande, La Belleza and Florian. The cavities explored are the longest and deepest in Colombia. Their total development reaches 30km, making this region the most important exploration area in Colombia; a real small speleological Eldorado with barely begun potential.