Die Geltenbachhöhle

Fritz Loretan/Hansueli Kallen

45 Jahre ist es her, dass Fritz Loretan und seine Freunde sich der Herausforderung an der überhängenden Felswand stellten. Lange hat der Geltenbach geruht und seine Geheimnisse lagen im Dunklen. Welches heute die Herausforderungen an diesem Projekt sind, zeigt Hansueli Kallen zusammen im Doppelvortrag mit Fritz Loretan.

Sagenhafte Höhlen zwischen Giswilerstock / Brienzer Rothorn

Martin Trüssel

From Giswil only the «Drachenloch» was known in the cave cadastre. Although the area, apart from the Giswilerstock, has little karst, mythology suggests that there should be more caves. As part of the Obwaldner Cave and Karst Landscape Inventory (HKI), twelve caves were discovered in 2017 and 2018, not least thanks to literature research and intensive field work. Continue reading “Sagenhafte Höhlen zwischen Giswilerstock / Brienzer Rothorn”

Die Seefeldhöhle, das populäre Labyrinth

Alex Hof

The Seefeldhöhle (Seefeld cave, also called Tropfloch) extends in a layer of sandstone of the Sieben Hengste, a mountain situated in the centre of Switzerland, north from the Lake of Thun. This cave forms an astonishing labyrinth and runs across a hill just underneath the surface. It has been walked through for over a hundred years and is a very appreciated excursion goal of the local population.

Karstgebiet Sägistal

Norbert Marwan

The Sägistal valley is a remote high valley in the Bernese Prealpes with typical karst phenomena. The exploration of caves started in the 1970ies by the SGH-Interlaken and is coordinated since 1988 by the International Alpine Karst Group (ISAAK) with support of numerous international speleo clubs. More than 400 caves have been documented with the “Oberländer-Chessiloch” system the largest one (2346 m length, −488 m depth).

Zone Profonde – reloaded

Rolf Siegenthaler

In August 2010 the joint explorers of the Association of Cavers of the Hohgant Region (HRH) was given a new access in the formerly deepest and remotest areas of the huge “Réseau Siebenhengste-Hohgant”. Since then the “Zone Profonde” (ZP) was ‘rediscovered’, rolled up systematically and new discoveries reported in almost every direction.

Explorations sous-glaciaires dans les Alpes suisses

Gérald Favre

Dans les Alpes suisses, en Valais, dans les régions de Zermatt et du val d’Hérens ;une approche pour la pratique de la spéléologie sous-glaciaire, avec ses multiples intérêts sportifs, scientifiques ou esthétiques, mais également avec ses risques …