Excursions & camps

All the guided excursions will be on monday 12.08.2019!
“Beatushöhlen ausgebauter Teil”, “Schafloch und Bunker (Justistal)” und “Tropfloch” can be visited individually.

All guided tours have some special points to consider:

  • The congress organizers reserve the right to reject registrations for tours at any time if it is not clear that the participant is up to the requirements of the planned tour. In this case we will suggest an alternative if possible.
  • The instructions of the tour guides must be followed at all times – as well as the recommendations of the SGH regarding cave protection and safety (Safe-Speleo).
  • The tour guides know about the respective cave and any special dangers and it is their competence to stop a tour at any time.
  • Changes to the excursion registration/deregistration to exkursionen@sinterlaken.ch


Gstepf - Date: 3rd – 9th August 2019 Description: The area of exploration lies south of Lake Brienz between Giessbach and the ridge of the Schwabhorn, which forms the border to the Sägistal. The area is mainly at an altitude between 1800 and 2200 m a.s.l.
Sägistal - Date 3rd – 9th August 2019 Description The Sägistal is a karst area in the Alpine mountains on an altitude between 1900 and 2400 m. More than 400, mainly smaller, caves are known; the largest objects are mostly shaft caves, with lengths up to 2500 m and depths up to 490 m.
Siebenhengste-Sommerlager - Date: 13th – 17th August 2019 Description: Focus of this camp are exploring and prospecting under and on the surface of the limestone pavement of the Siebenhengste at almost 2000 m a.s.l.

Special excursions:

Bat excursion Excursions, Other - This excursion will take place on Sunday 11th August! Bats probably rank among the most known cave-animals. But mostly they are to be found there only sleeping. On this excursion you will learn more about the way of life and peculiarities of bats.

Easy excursions:

Bärenloch Easy, Excursions - A typical cave with an arch gate as taken from the picture-book. It is worth to visit for either young or older people. The cave offers easy climbing and afterwards you can take a short walk and you might visit an alpine cheese diary.
Bärenschacht altes BI Easy, Excursions - Visit the entry area up to the former bivouac “I” on approx. -100m. This tour offers wonderful, big and well equipped shafts ideal for a training!
Beatushöhlen ausgebauter Teil Easy, Excursions - Visit of the showcave part of the Beatus-Cave!
Beatushöhlen Sprengsiphon Easy, Excursions - Behind the touristic part you will find wonderful passages with a creek and several padding pools coated with flowstone deposits. They are accessible beyond the “Beiz” up to the Sprengsiphon.
Beatushöhlen to ‘Beiz’ Easy, Excursions - Behind the touristic part of the St Beatus Caves you will find wonderful passages with a creek and several padding pools coated with flowstone deposits. This trip will go as far as the place called “Beiz”.
Festung Waldbrand Easy, Excursions - The fortress museum Waldbrand in Beatenberg was one of the largest artillery factories of the Swiss army. The impressive facility was designed for a 450 men garrison!
Fitzlischacht Easy, Excursions - This is a simple pit cave with vandose shafts,  chambers and beautiful Montmilch-deposits.
Geologische Exkursion Holaub Easy, Excursions - On the hike, the Karrenfeld in Holaub, east of Hohgant, is visited.
Geologische Exkursion Siebenhengste oder Innerbergli Easy, Excursions - On this walking tour everything is offered: various karst forms and phenomena, fossils, insights into the formation of rocks, tectonics… depending on the visitors’ knowledge level and need. And don’t forget to enjoy the spectacular view of the Bernese Alps.
Haglätsch Easy, Excursions - After an approximately one-hour hike to the cave entrance you pass a couple of short and narrow shafts until you reach beautiful and huge corridors. “Against this cave, our good old Beatushöhle consists only of little creeks and pools”.
Mundentalhöhle – “nostalgic” trip Easy, Excursions - Walking tour through the magical Traubachtal to a small horizontal cave well suited for children and others not afraid of one narrow passage at the entrance.
Schafloch + Bunker (Justistal) Easy, Excursions - The Schafloch is a relict of a giant natural cave passage. It was expanded during the second World War. Along the military tunnel you can walk through the mountain up to the former observation post.
Siebenhengste Glacière Easy, Excursions - Impressive fossil collector – directly underneath the surface. If you are lucky there will be some ice…
Tropfloch Easy, Excursions - A panoramic hike at the bottom of the Siebenhengste followed by a visit of the endless labyrinth of alleys in the Hohgant-Sandstone. No worry – at the end you all will find the way out of it!
Waldheimhöhle Easy, Excursions - A nice karst cave reached alongside fissures up to the shafts in the back. Additionally, the cave offers climbing possibilities.

Medium excursions:

Geltenbachhöhle Excursions, Medium - Ein eindrücklicher Aufstieg an einem 70 m Seil dient als Zustieg zum Höhleneingang. Der Ausblick ins wilde Gasterntal ist gigantisch.
Häliloch Excursions, Medium - After a nice hike with a view of the Bernese Alps, you can descend directly into the impressive 100m deep daylight-shaft.
Hohlaub Frostloch / E2 Excursions, Medium - From a beautiful entrance shaft the tour leads through a meander, whose continuation is still sought …
K2 Lieferanteneingang Excursions, Medium - Small-scale confusing labyrinth with climbing posts and few shafts. The entry is easy to reach which is in a beautiful surrounding close to a natural bridge.
Senkloch – F1 Biwak Excursions, Medium - This sportive trip takes you through the beautiful entrance part of the Senkloch followed by several crawling parts and more pitches to the connection of the two caves…from there it’s a short walk to the bivouac. Difficulty & character: medium, C2 Duration of the tour: 5 hours Equipment: SRT Max. participants: 5
Zone Profonde Termites Australes Excursions, Medium - Short walk, afterwards a 200m shaft-section “Frustration” – down to the huge fossil collector “Termites Australes”.

Difficult excursions:

Bärenschacht Stollen Difficult, Excursions - Descent via the entire “old” Bärenschacht down to the former terminal siphon on -545m with a visit to the artificial surroinding of the siphon (tunnel).
Faustloch 80er Difficult, Excursions - A tour to the legendary Faustloch on the Chromatte: creeps and wet shafts up to the big shaft.
Faustloch B1 Difficult, Excursions - A tour to the legendary Faustloch: wet shafts, slippery meander, fossil passages with stalactites up to the B1 or even further to the Belgierfrust. A question remains: is it accessible?
Senkloch – F1 (Dröhnland) Difficult, Excursions - This sportive trip takes you through the beautiful entrance part of the Senkloch followed by several crawling parts and more pitches to the connection of the two caves…from there it’s a short walk to the bivouac. After a short rest we continue through huge, partly collapsed passages to the >200m high Dröhnlandschlot.
Siebenhengste CCC2 Difficult, Excursions - Entrance to the “Réseau”, which is a horizontal sandstone cave in the first part and it changes its character further on when you reach the limestone (Schrattenkalk)!
Traverse Z15 -> Z49 Difficult, Excursions - After an approximately one-hour panoramic hike, the tour leads through the entrance of the Z15 into the impressive shaft zone of the Z49.
Zone Profonde Salle Topographe Difficult, Excursions - This tour leads through shaft-section “Frustration” followed by a roundtrip through the “Zone Profonde” of the “Réseau Siebenhengste” to the impressive Salle Topograph.

Diving excursions:

Bätterich (Diving) diving, Excursions - Together with the “Gelben Brunnen” the Bätterich is the most important resource of the HRH-Region and is the most dived resurgence in the lake Thun.