Lectures and presentations

Since the last National Congress, 7 long years have passed, in which much research has been accomplished. It is time to look back and present the results!

The following topics are planned as lectures and presentations:

  • Research in Switzerland
  • Research abroad
  • Archeology and paleontology
  • Geomorphology / Karstology / Speleogenesis / Hydrogeology
  • Surveying techniques
  • Cave diving
  • Biospeleology
  • Other contributions


Each presentation is 15 minutes with 5 minutes available for comments and questions. Since presentations are held partly parallel, we will follow this process consistently.
In addition, there will be several exciting plenary lectures which will illuminate key topics and take 45 minutes.
Instead of a lecture, you can also present a poster; which should not exceed 2 x 2 meters.

Papers for conference proceedings

Present your knowledge and results to a broad audience! All contributions are documented and published in convention files. Therefore, the submission of written documents is a prerequisite to hold a presentation. We recommend that you submit not just an abstract but a full article for the congress files. The SSS Scientific Speleology Commission will review the submissions and if necessary, approach the authors with suggestions for changes.

Format of the submissions

  • single-column, Arial 10 pt.
  • One blank line between the paragraphs
  • readable with Microsoft Word
  • Languages: Deutsch / français / italiano / english
  • max. 6 pages incl. pictures and diagrams
  • Pass the diagrams and the pictures separately, min. 300 dpi (ready for press), Format TIFF, JPG, EPS (not embedded in Word!)

The committee will layout the articles in a uniform style.

Structure of the submissions

  • Title
  • Name of the author/authors
  • Caving club / address
  • Abstract: max. 20 lines, without graphics, in the same language as the article and / or in english (in case of an extended abstract instead of an article: max. 2 pages incl. graphics)
  • Keywords (facultative)
  • Text
  • Acknowledgments (facultative)
  • Literature


31.01.2019 Conference Paper Submission Deadline
18.04.2019 Referee Comments to the Authors
16.05.2019 Final Conference Paper Submission Deadline

Articles submitted after the specified dates cannot be considered. The sooner the articles are submitted, the better the quality of the files.

Further information on writing the articles can be found on sinterlaken.ch. If you have any questions, you can contact science@sinterlaken.ch