Survey Competition

The purpose of this competition is to promote cave surveying and provide the opportunity for clubs or individuals to display their survey works. Sinterlaken 2019 is a national Swiss congress and therefore we will accept surveys with reference to Switzerland. Accepted are:

  • Surveys by cavers from Switzerland and
  • Surveys of Swiss caves or mines from other cavers.

Survey Salon Co-ordinator:
Thomas Arbenz –
Entry deadline: 30.6.2019 – extended to 30th of July


The jury awards a prize for the best plan as well as merits or distinctions.
An additional winner will be awarded by congress participants vote.

How to Enter

Only registered congress participants can apply. Entries must be registered using the online system in advance of the conference. For after- deadline entries display space cannot be guaranteed.

Jury’s Questionnaire

With every entry a Jury’s questionnaire has to be filled in. This facilitates a balanced, fair assessment and rating of the works.


  • Rudolf Glutz, Topograph
  • Ivo Weidmann, Geoinformatiker
  • Andreas Baumeler, Geol. Kartograph


A survey can be entered in one of the following categories:

  • Small survey on single sheet (max. A3)
  • Large surveys on a single or multiple sheets (total >A3)

Each category is awarded a single first prize, and additionally, Merits or Distinctions may also be awarded in recognition of other surveying excellence.


  1. Surveys must be of newer date than last National congress (Muotathal 2012)
  2. Two entries per person maximum.
  3. Your work should be delivered to the exhibition area by midday on the first day of the conference. Postal entries are not accepted. If you are late in arriving you may find that there is limited display space left for you. You are expected to hang your work yourselves, under the supervision of the event staff. You have to collect your work after the award ceremony (latest the closing ceremony). Work left behind cannot be returned.
  4. Judging will be done by a panel of three judges whose decision is final.
  5. The Jury’s questionnaire is a compulsory part of the application.
  6. Note that the organisers reserve the right not to award a prize if, in the opinion of the judges, the entries are too few or of insufficient standard to constitute a competition.
  7. All surveys entered for the competition must have permission from the copyright holder of the survey.
  8. It is expected that the participants attend the award ceremony in person or at least appoint a deputy person. Prices will not be forwarded!
  9. The copyright of all surveys will remain with the surveyor(s). Names of the winners may be published on the congress website and on social media.
  10. No further use will be made of any copies without permission.
  11. The organizers will set up an experienced jury of recognized amateur or professional cartographers and surveyors.
  12. We expect to arrange a feedback session, attended by a representative of the judging team to supply feedback.
  13. Every care will be taken of the entries, but the organisers cannot accept responsibility for any damage or loss. The organisers will not be insuring any work and, if required, entrants should make their own arrangements.